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Our projects

Snap has run photographic and film projects, and has made charity films, in the townships of South Africa, a girls school in the heart of The Congo and at a London east end children's charity.


Our projects are designed to inspire the next generation of story tellers; while at the same time helping charities to tell their stories.

Snap in The Congo

This summer Snap developed a trial programme with Malaika in the Democratic Republic of Congo with a view to running volunteer programmes in the future. The country is an incredibly interesting place and whilst not without its problems the pupils and teachers were so eager and excited to learn we know we will be returning!

Port Elizabeth Girls Academy

Children aged between 10-15 years old enjoy the excitement of what they called the ‘magic’ camera. Polaroids are always a winner!

Using medium format cameras they photographed each other in their school yard, an exercise in handling a camera, framing the shot and getting their subjects to pose how they want.

Emzomncane Primary School

After a week on their own with 35mm film cameras this is the result. Their brief was to document their life, the people around them and activities happening in their community.

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